Sick Poems

We wrote Sick poems as a class - using one rhyming couplet per post-it note, we then added our sticky note to the class poem - we snaked right the way down the wall and onto the floor! We had lots of fun!

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Why not add your rhyming couplet below under "Peggy Ann McKay"

Why not write new couplets describing phony ailments or problems that would prevent Peggy Ann McKay from going to school? Then, you can insert your new couplets between Shel Silverstein’s first two lines and last three lines. And, voila—you’ll have your own version of the poem!
Here are Shel’s famous first lines:

"I cannot go to school today."

Said little Peggy Ann McKay.

I think I've gone & layed an egg
There's a man in my toe called Greg (J.C)

My mouth has lost it's way ack home
My knees are giving me a moan (J.C)

My ears are yellow as sun
And now I cant have much fun.(A.R)

My brain is coming out my haed
At this second i might drop dead.(E.S)

My eyes are popping out my head
And been half eaten by my bed.(E.S)

My brain fell in my stomach
My legs and arms got bitten off (C.G)

My nose is turning terquoise
ahh a shell is growing on my back like a tortoise(A,H)

My nose is clogged and I cannot breathe
Just listen to my chest; you can hear me wheeze (LB)

My tummy aches, it's filled with gas
Oh no, I think this is a pain in the xxx (LB)

My neck is sore and my glands are tender
Oh what a bore: Is there no ender? (LB)

Penicilin, sudafed, Tylenol too
With all this medicine what's a body to do (LB)

What’s that? What’s that you say?

You say today is…Saturday?

G’bye, I’m going out to play!"

If I were and If you were ...Poems

The If-You-Were and If-I-Were Poems consist of 4 lines (quatrain) and 2 rhymes (lines 2 & 4). Each poem contains 2 comparisons (metaphor), one for the “I” of the poem and one for the “you.”
Instructions: Think of a person you like. Compare that person to some thing (inanimate object). Now compare yourself to some thing associated with the first object.

An example:

If you were the pages of my book
And I were reading you,
I’d read as slow as I could go
So I never would get through.

Hello we are Nathan and Rebecca from Carronshore Primary this is our poem

If you were my present on Christmas Eve,
And I were the big red bow,
I would tie you up so tightly,
And never let you go.

If you were a dictionary from the shelf
And I were looking through
I'd find the longest word of all
To spend more time with you (Nicola and Jeanan)

If you were the only flower in my garden
And I were the sun in the sky
I'd shine on you all day long
And pray that you'd never die (Kayleigh and Jeanan)

If you were a Christmas shiny bauble
And I were a tall festive tree
I would dance and prance around you
And you would spend Christmas with me (Marc and Ryan)

Thanks for letting us print on your wiki! From Carronshore.
Thats no problem your alright!

if i were a cup of tea
and you were my sweet sugar

id always let you dive in meand get rid of the coffee (corey)

Biographies and Autobiographies

Let's write a biography together!

Take a look at these people, why not try and find some information about them and add it to their biography below their photo.

Suggestions? Why not add a name below of someone we could write about.

John Terry

Wayne Rooney

Can you remember our WILF list for Autobiography?

  • First paragraph to include introduction and 5 W Questions - DOB, POB
  • Temporal Connectives - "next", "after", "later on his career..."
  • Paragraphs in chronological order. One subject per paragraph.
  • First Person.
  • Last paragraph gives a summary and brings us up to date.
  • Past tense.
  • Use of people's names and lots of details.

An Autobiography of Little Red Riding Hood - Our Plan

"People go on about that moment in my life but I have moved on, it is in the past - I am now rebuilding my career after that terrible family tragedy."

1st Para - Real name - DOB, POB (could be somewhere near other fairy tale stories) Reveal in para hidden or secret facts about the falmilies relationship with the wolf.

2nd Para - Younger years, always running away from her parents in to the woods at the back of the house. Who were her parents? Gingerbread man (eaten by the fox crossing the river) and Goldilocks? Family feud.

3rd Para - her major achievements at school / building a strong relationship with her grandma

My name is Faith Rose Charmng, but most people know me as Little Red Riding Hood. Well I am not so little anymore, I am even a size seven in shoes and I have my own job. I was born on the 13th October 1995 in a small cottage in the middle of the Forbidden Forest. In this my autobiography I will reveal the shocking truth from behind the scenes of the classic fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Am I really as sweet as they all say?

I had a troubled few years as a child, it all began in 1999 when my father the giant fell down the household beanstalk and broke his mammoth neck when out shopping for some churns of milk. My mother never recovered but remained with me and we rebuilt our lives in the woods near Jack's old house during the summer months of 2000. This is when I met Henry the wolf.

Mr Barrett