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To start the year we have been looking at what makes each of us unique, we have been talking in circle time about what we have been up to in the summer. Our first task was to collect a box and fill it with items that reflected who we are, for example sports certificates and medals or treasured photos of family.

Can you find the photograph of your box below. Below the photograph add in a small description of the items that it contained.

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I have put in my box of achievements is one of my mama's bears because she has died of caner, my bride's maid head band from when i was 1 years old at my mum's wedding,my medal for a mini tenis tornament at sutton centre and the rest of my achivment's for : tenis, swimming,football and being a kind person.
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This my box of achievments (charmaine) I loved doing it.It was WICKED
hope you enjoy or wikispace xx
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